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Every man over 35 needs to own and read this comprehensive health guide for men. Dr. Adam Wallach with 60 board-certified doctors and men’s health experts offer advice and insider secrets that men over 35 need to recover and maintain their physical, mental, and sexual health to feel great, look good, and have better intimacy. Emphasizing prevention and early intervention, The 21st Century Man includes sections on nutrition, exercise, aesthetics, addiction, mental health, relationships, lifestyle, health insurance, and the most common causes of mortality. There is also an extensive section on sexual health and sexual medicine written by an all-star cast of physicians. Lead author, Dr. Judson Brandeis, voted best urologist in the SF Bay Area for a decade, is a researcher, physician educator, and a caring clinician and surgeon.

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Chapter Excerpt: What about cleansers and moisturizers?

Some men, especially as they age, will discover that retaining moisture in the skin not only makes the skin feel better but makes it look more youthful. An in depth discussion of moisturizers can be laborious but to simplify, a good product will provide emollient qualities that smooth the skin by acting like a glue that keeps adjacent keratinocytes (the cells of the epidermis) together, will posses humectants (for example hyaluronic acid or urea) which help retain water and will finally have occlusive properties to diminish epidermal water loss. An important note about moisturizers is that they do not moisturize the skin per se but more accurately they enhance barrier repair by supporting your skin’s natural restorative processes. The best time to apply them is immediately after a shower when the skin has absorbed lots of water.

– Dr. Adam Wallach