Each medi-spa facial package includes the highest-quality ingredients the Derma Center has to offer. All treatments may be uniquely customized to the individual needs of your skin.

  • Special packages
    Purchase any 5 peels for $475, receive the 6th free.
    Mix your peel and microderm treatments for $565,
    receive the 6th free.
Facial Peels
Lactic Acid Peel: 

Designed for all skin types. Very effective for dry, sensitive, and sun damaged skin. – $95
Glycolic Acid Peel:

This facial is best suited for mature skin types to tighten and brighten complexion. Very effective for reducing sun damage, including fine wrinkling and dyschromia. – $95
Mandelic Acid Peel: 

This facial is specifically designed for sensitive, rosacea prone skin. – $95
Salicylic Acid Peel:

Specifically indicated to treat mild acne and blemish prone skin. – $95
Pumpkin Peel:

An advanced exfoliation treatment. Excellent for age management, acne, and hyperpigmentation. – $95
Skin Brite Peel: 

This peel is specifically formulated to treat acne, melasma, and hyperpigmentation. – $95
Jessner/TCA Peel: 

This facial helps to lighten and diminish hyperpigmentation. Also reduces wrinkles and rough dry skin. – $95
Hand Peel:

This treatment has an immediate skin tightening effect to sun damaged hands. Decrease hyperpigmentation, fine lines and small scars. – $85
Lip & Eye Peel: 

A new alternative to help reduce crows feet, photo-aging, and wrinkles around the eyes and lips. – $85
Neck & Chest Peel: 

An excellent treatment for mature skin that is sun damaged and wrinkled. – $95